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We found a new tenant ourselves and introduced them to our long term existing letting agent. Our prospective tenants were told they must use the agent for referencing and preparation of the tenancy agreement. We telephoned our agent and gave him their details and told the agent that the tenant was to pay for the referencing and the tenancy agreements and that there were to be no charges for us. We had agreed a reduction in rent because we had not been able to decorate the property and we waived the deposit since the perspective tenant wanted to give it us in instalments over 6 months. We have never claimed on a deposit, our tenants stay on average 5 years so it was never appropriate. I confirmed our position on the fees by email to our agent and before we handed the keys over I asked for confirmation that all fees had been paid, to which the answer was yes. The first months rent has been paid to us minus 120 being the cost of the tenancy agreement. On challenging our agent it is apparent they have overlooked our original instruction and the tenant is not answering correspondence requesting this payment - surprise surprise. The agent has now suggested as the landlord I will have better luck in getting it from the tenant. I don't see why I should sort out the agents error but in addition I am not privy to the correspondence and meetings he had with our tenants so what were they told. As far as I am concerned the agent has made an administrative error and should refund the 120 and if necessary suffer this loss himself. How do I stand legally
04/03/2016 13:59

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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