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Rent arrears

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Hi, we are in Wales.

We have a tenant who signed a 12 month tenancy starting 24/9/19 at £650pm, with 1 month rent received as a Deposit (filed with DPS).

After the 1st month, they started having problems paying rent, so have been paying on account.

So far they have covered the rent due up to the 25/10/19 payment, so have therefore paid rent for the period to 24/11/19.

The last payment we received was on 20/12/19 and was the balance owed on the rent which fell due 25/10/19.

We haven't been able to contact them since.

We wish to proceed with a Section 8 Notice, but can only do so when 2 months rent is due.

When would this date be? They owe 2 months rent payments, but rent is unpaid for the period 25/11 to date, which is currently only 6 weeks.

Also, can we pursue the tenant through the Small Claims court (MCOL) at the same time as pursuing the eviction, as do we need to start proceedings for one or the other first?

Thank you

10/01/2020 13:43

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