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What to refund tenants after 19 days of messy rewiring?

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Hi, experienced advice appreciated regarding how to cost financially compensating tenants who were living in a flat when it was rewired and very dusty over the holidays.

I'm a landlord of 35 years. I own and run a 6 bed HMO of young professionals. Mid Dec various annoying electrical issues meant the best option was to rewire the house. After talking & group texting the six tenants, their info showed four tenant's Christmas away dates worked well for rewiring over the holidays. Two tenants had no plans to leave the house over the holidays.Those two understood the options and reluctantly agreed to the mess and disruption which turned out to be far worse than we understood. Landlord's own 2 bed flat, mine, one minute away was offered as alternative accommodation for anyone who needed it. The other option was to give them 2 month's notice and do it March 1. They preferred, like me, to do it now. Works were then planned for Dec 23-Dec 31. While were works in progress, the electrical engineer requested the house be empty until 1 Jan. Tenants were kept updated by a designated group Whattsapp. The rewiring end date was moved to Jan 4 when most of the dusty work was done. Painting commenced Jan 6-10. The house was back to normal 10 Jan 6pm, when tenants came home to a buffet landlord provided of very nice wines and cheeses.

What is the recommended compensation for these 19 disrupted days?

The bedrooms were habitable when the tenants were expected back from holiday. From Jan 1, Kitchen, bathrooms,hob, microwave, fridge/freezers were working, though the house was quite dusty. The common rooms were cleaned and mopped 3x a day. Living room was under plastic sheeting and not available for the duration. During the last week days, individual room electrics were often off during the day due to checks. Tenants in the house were requested to have showers some days before 9am due to electric being off. The house was very dusty. Plastic sheeting protected the stair carpets, kitchen and living room floors.

Tenant A is from overseas and expected to relax by spending holiday time in the house. The electrician asked A to not be in the house until eve of 2 Jan when the room was habitable. For 19 days total disruption, A received a month's rent return & keys to landlord's flat, which A used rent free for 4 days.
Tenant B went home for the holidays, returned 1 Jan and due to painting & decorating dust levels in B's bedroom, stayed in my flat 1-7 Jan, returning to the house, 8 Jan.
Tenant C returned 4 Jan to an 95% completed room. C was working from home while electrics were off for 2 hours during the day.
Tenant D was due to return 12 Jan, and elected to return early, 31 Dec! D was told house was very dusty. D left and stayed with friends for a few days due to dust levels. D Wants 1 months rent returned.
Tenant E originally expected to have the use of the house for the holidays and was also working. During the dusty works E stayed at a friend's flat. E wants the rent paid for the friends flat. Due I owe E 19 day's of Es rent only? Meals out?
Tenant F was due to return 1 Jan. Electrician requested F return 4 Jan. F did return 4 Jan to a clean finished bedroom. Do I compensate for flight changes and/or days of inconvenience?

I do want a happy house of tenants after this disruption which though it benefits them, was not their first choice. I want to strike a balance.
I assume I ask for receipts of their costs which wouldn't have happened otherwise because of this unexpected rewiring of the house.

Any experienced advice on fair compensation much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

13/01/2020 18:06

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