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Hi all,

I'd really appreciate some help and advice about this issue. I've received a very large electricity bill through the post from Utilita who took over from Eversmart lats SUmmer / Autumn. I asked Utilita for a bill in October and because of their backlog they've only just provided me with one, backdated to the middle of September. I questioned the amounts for the electricty (roughly £160 per month for a 2 bed, mid-terrace house with 2 people living in it) and about £2 per month for the gas (even though the house has gas central heating.)

As soon as the bill came through I questioned it with Utilita and they've gotten back to me to say that the bill is correct. I've now been in e-mail communication with the tenants and they've told me that the boiler hasn'isn't working so they bought a portable heater to heat the house with. Despite my anger, I've calmly asked them on e-mail when the did the boiler stop working; and has the portable heater undergone Portable Appliance Testing?

The fact that they've brought one into the house is a breach of contract as they aren't allowed to according to the tenancy agreement, but they have breached the contract on mulitple occassions and there is now a court case due to take place in less than 3 weeks time.

My question is, if the portable heater hasn't undergone PAT (and I doubt it has), then they can overload the circuits and potentially cause damage or even worse fire. The tenants haven't given me access in the past for an inspection, but they have agreed to one this weekend. I think they won't be there when I turn up (which has happened in the past on fully agreed and scheduled dates and times) so could I gain emergency access? I'm now worried about the portable heater causing damage to the house, and I also want the boiler to be checked by a professional and fixed if their is a problem. My instinct is that they simply don't know how to use the boiler, even though they have a manual. And no, they're not vulnerable tenants, I just think that they are incapable of following a user manual.

I don't want to sound presumptious, but thanks for any help and advice offered.

14/01/2020 18:50

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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