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Relatives lied about tanant's death

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John Mc
John Mc
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This is a peculiar one.

My tenants phone would not receive texts and I could not call him early in December. I needed access for a contractor to upgrade a fire alarm. So I sent the text to his sister's phone to which I got a reply "No. Monday's no good". I replied that they must have access to which the reply was "No I don't want anyone in my flat when I'm not there. I then told him that this was essential maintenance and I'm giving four days notice which is above the required twenty four hours. This was all via his sister's phone.

The contractor, on the Monday, told me the tenant would not allow them in as they couldn't be there all day. I had to get a key cut and leave it with the contractor. I sent his sister a text telling her that Micahel, the tenant, was being obstruvtive. I didn't receive a reply.

Becasue this was not the firts issue I'd had with his obstructiveness, I decided enough was enough and issued a section 8 (he'd also cause me a lot of trouble because he hadn't reported a damp issue for well over six months).

More than two weeks later I get a phone call from his niece to tell me he'd died. She couldn't tell me when he'd died or when the funeral was as they needed to wait for a post mortem. I had a similar conversation with his sister. She wanted to know the procedure for gaining access. I was very reasonable and said I wouldn't rush them to get the flat cleared by Christmas as I know she has enough to get through with arranging a funeral so close to the holidays.

I left it until a few days before Christmas before getting back in touch. Despite numerous promises, the flat is still only partly emptied and no attempt has been made to clean it.

Sorry about the Ronnie Corbett/Kevin Turvey rout to the punchline. Here's the real issue.

At the point of my first battle over access, Michael had been dead for well over a week and, while they were telling me they had to await post mortem results, he had been buried for a week.

So, they deliberately mislead me about his death.

Can anyone here tell me if they have committed a criminal offence? Do I have a claim against his sister for lost revenue caused by her deceit?

It may help to know that I have kept all the texts and also have my phone conversations recorded.

Any advice would be welcome.


16/01/2020 14:53

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