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We have recently had a survey done across three flats in the block, one of which we rent out the other we own.

Classic case of condensation in the rented flat, resulting in intermittent damp in a cold spot.

How can we communicate the outcome of the survey to tenants? Also has anyone taken the step of buying a tenant a tumble dryer to prevent clothes drying inside?

We have provided them with a dehumidifier in the interim.

I suppose I just want to be clear that this is not a structural issue from the survey and that we need to have reasonable changes to how they live in the flat.

We have only had the flat for a month and the tenant has made several maintenance requests, many of which are down to how they are living in the flat and using appliances etc (such as taps too hot when they aren't running them etc, radiators not being right due to where they have put the thermostat etc as well as this damp). We have now received a message to say there is a crack in the bath.

How do people get the balance right with this as we are starting to feel like dial up handymen? Or is that being a landlord!

Would this crack repair always be for the landlord to resolve and is it a deposit issue?


16/01/2020 17:18

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