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We are landlords of 7 flats in the same block. three of the flats are currently vacant but we have holding deposits and our prospective tenants are due to move in within the next 2-3 weeks. The other flats are either within the fixed term AST i.e. they have been with us for less than 12 months or on a rolling tenancy as we have not signed a new AST with the tenants once the initial 12 month period has passed. We have been approached by someone who is interested in buying the flats and the freehold and wondered how that impacts our tenants both current and the ones who are due to move in shortly.

The interested party has asked us to allow viewings once we have exchanged contracts but we are concerned this will upset our current tenants and may (understandably) lead to some of them leaving.

We would like to be able to reassure the tenants of their rights under change of ownership. Please can you advise.

16/01/2020 18:32

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