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I have a tenant in a HMO room who has moved out about without 6 weeks ago. However, his contract runs out on April 2020. He has stopped paying me rent when he moved out but has left 2 bags of clothes, a very small TV and a small radiator. He has drawn the curtains.

He officially does not sleep or stay in the room and I have contacted him several times about collecting his belongings. He keeps on replying he is going to collect but then keeps on rearranging the date and time. The other tenants in the property have also confirmed they have never seen him or hear him in the room. There is no pillow or blanket in his room therefore I know he definitely does not sleep there.

He is about 2 months in rent arrears. Obviously I want him to collect his belongings so that I can relet the room. I have mentioned storage to him but he says there is some treasured items in the room which we cannot put in a storage unit. I am willing to pay for storage.

Please advise,



18/01/2020 20:01

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