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I manage a block of flats of elderly people which entails looking after the repairs to the communal areas and external fabric of the building. Before my time one of the flat owners erected a fence where a clothes line should be, the other owners accepted this as the area meant their washing blew into adjacent brick outhouses and were dirtied and the person who erected the fence gave up her garage space for the drying of washing. All has been well until recently when one of the elderly owners has complained when a new fence in the same place as the old one was erected. At a recent AGM all the other owners voted to keep the area as it now is and not to revert back to the original designated area. However the covenant for the property says right of way over the clothes drying area and the plan attached has the existing area. This person is threatening legal action against us as agents (how do IU stand with this) and agains the new owner. The fence has been there to my knowledge at least 10 years. The person complaining whilst they live at the block have no right of way over this drying area. I am wanting to say I cannot get involved in this, as agent would iu be expected to enforce the fence removal?
23/03/2016 19:34

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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