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FD30S Door Legislation

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Hi, i have two questions reference Fire Safety regulations/legislation.

  1. I own a a flat within a block of 6 flats and have been told by the managing agent that i must install an FD30s fire door, which i completely understand. But, they have offered to do this for me using their contractors (cost of £2k+) or i can do it myself with my own contractor. When i ask for a full break down of the spec/requirements i must meet, they agent is very sketchy. My question is, as long as the door is FD30S, with intumescent Strips and a self close mechanism is there anything else i need to consider - or can the managing agent dictate that i need to choose a certain make/model of door?
  2. My Second question relates to a further two flats i own and the landlords have the freehold. We have agreed that all flats within this block of 26 must install an FD30s fire door. Can i just confirm, because there has been some disagreements amongst the landlords - is this a legal requirement or just a moral responsibility and if the former, is there a 'date' that the law dictates that all flats inside a block must have a FD30s fire door fitted?

Thanks in advance for your advice?

23/01/2020 13:00

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