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Hello Colleagues, we have recently acquired a flat - 2 months in the 1st bank holiday weekend, we have an email from our LA - fully managed ! I chose to get involved to see F2F what the reported issues are. Failed oven, damaged bathroom ceiling, painting required perhaps.
We know about the ceiling needs plastering & painting we fully accept & will make good soon.
The oven is being replaced soon, what I feel a little wary about is the following.
Tenants - on the AST husband & wife, I turn up at the door - husband ( EU - citizen ) not great English, hence maybe some mis-understanding, but what I certainly thought I heard him say - this is his girlfriend and another woman sat on the seatte, was this his wife ? Not sure.
I wish Columbo would have been on the scene, so I need to verify via my LA who resides in our property.
The main tenant Mr X, recently married. On the AST are Mr & Mrs X.
He is a handyman, builder type person, he says he can plaster the ceiling, paint etc, he offers to paint the main lounge / kitchen area, seal a little around the windows, he seems genuine as he is touting for business. Really he seems ok but if I ask / pay him to complete these jobs am I opening up a can of worms along with my wallet !
I am thinking of maybe asking him to plaster & paint the bathroom ceiling, seal around a window just the minimum - basics, not yet decided how to progress this one.
It's an experience, I have to use google translate to communicate.
The tenant did ask for a months free rent if he did all jobs, which is too much.
I can either do the majority of work myself / pay a friendly builder or if I chose to involve pay the tenant. Is it worth the risk, I have to ask myself & enjoy the consequences :-)

At present I cannot fully commit to self managing, when the time is right I hope to.
What would you expect to pay for plastering & painting a small bathroom ceiling ?
Thank you.
30/03/2016 10:53

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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