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Council Tax empty property exemption

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My local council allows a 100% empty discount exemption (for one month only) for a property becoming empty.

My previous tenants gave notice and ended their tenancy on 16/12. Their tenancy agreement states they are liable for council tax etc until the end of their tenancy.

They chose to move out of the property 3 weeks early, but paid the rent up to the tenancy end date 16/12.

After I applied for the one month's empty property discount for the property from the end of the tenancy agreement, (from 16/12) it transpires the discount has already been given to the tenants as they moved out early.

Is this correct? Seems unfair that I could not re-let the property until after 16/12 yet the council can class it as empty 3 weeks prior to this? Surely the tenant should be liable for the full rate of Council Tax up to the end of their tenancy agreement.

30/01/2020 14:54

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