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weed is illegal we all know it.

the rules are there, not always followed, but the law is the law.

We have a tenant in one of my buildings that is a big user. Another tenant in another flat has complained to the mgt company. mgt company will not tell me, the free holder who the complaint has come from but is pointing finger at my tenant in one of the other flats.

Simple - no proof so it's not them as far as I'm concerned, smell or no smell.

Anyway, I'm all for sorting it out, but of course as we know all humans lie. And this tenant always denies it is them. I have never caught them using.

Anyway, we have tried letters to the whole building. Tried texting to say mgt company on war path. Still having issues.

Next steps? speak to plod?

Worth it?

Anybody else had this?

I have been down this road many times but always managed to fix the issue, not this time.

30/01/2020 17:05

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