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If someone has experience and could give me some advice please.

I have inherited a house from my partner who passed away last year from cancer. The house went in to probate and after the courts had finished their bits and pieces I became the legal owner October 2015. My partner had taken out a managed tenant service with a local estate agents. This was costing £100 per month.

After researching the buy to let market, I have decided to manage the property myself and cancelled the service.

The managing agents have said that the terms and conditions of the management contract state that I have to pay the commission of the remaining time left on the tenancy agreement (they’ve just signed a new 12 month agreement).

Since I did not ask for the original agreement (as it was signed before I owned the house) and I have not signed a new management agreement, nor did I have sight of the terms & conditions before hand, am I legally bound by the terms & conditions e.g can they enforce the 12 months commission against me, even though I didn’t sign the contract? And the contract was taken out by the previous house owner (despite that person being my partner).

08/04/2016 14:11

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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