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HMO Insurance Declined by Rentguard

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can somebody explain why my HMO Insurance has been declined with Rentguard, i have been with Rentguard since I joined RLA and have never had a problem with them, I have have never made a claim on insurance for the 35 years I have owned the property, the renewal quote was for £380 but for personal reasons I tried to renew about two weeks after renewal, so they went through the application process again and informed me that the insurance was declined due to cooking facilities in the rooms and was included in all my previous policies and flood risk of which there has never been a problem, I asked for a quote excluding the risks but was just informed it had been declined and were basically not interested. The only change in my personal situation is that I have now turned 75?
Any feedback would be appreciated.
Thank you.

05/02/2020 10:17

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