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Cost to LL ? - Carpet moth damage

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On my recent inspection on my tenanted property ( I do every 3 month), some random crop circles in the carpet has been pointed out under a gift bag which tenant had spotted few weeks back. The tenant tends to pile things up around the room which I can only imagine from how they choose to live that the hoover very rarely gets into certain places, (and this is not for a LL to tell them how to live). I have however told them how to address the problem to get rid of the larvae ( because of the way they live, instead of me dealing with it).

My problem is that they had already handed in their notice so may not be inclined to do much about it. They had mentioned at same time that they may not move out and possibly move another tenant in (if they do not pass their credit checks!) but I would prefer them to move out tbh so that I can deal with the infestation and getting the property in check before it deteriorates further. loss of rent is better than £££s in the long run!

Background: I took the property on 2 years ago with these tenants who had already been in situ for 4 months. It seemed in really good condition, I didn't feel I could take photos of their things for an inventory but went through all the things with them that were wrong with the property and got them fixed and always replaced anything that broke.

I understand from reading through the forums and other websites that LL are responsible for paying for pest control and possibly renewing carpets too - any advise on this and this situation in general would be greatly appreciated...

09/02/2020 16:20

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