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Do I require Building Regs for putting up a Firewall in the loftspace, where there wasn't one previously? I own both back-2-back properties, but looking to sell one off. There was never such a wall as all that row are built arount the 1880's when no such fire safety was required. (the loft walls run side-to-side, but not front-to-back)

I understand I can use timber frame and either fire-rated plasterboard, or double-thickness plasterboard, rather than a brick/block construction. Obviously no need to seek permission from a neighbour, with currently owning both properties.

Reason I look to do something now, is a surveyor would pick up on it, and the outgoing property may not be mortgagable without one for a purchaser.

Advice/experience welcome!

10/02/2020 08:48

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