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Tenant wouldn't sign move out inspection

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Hi everyone, would welcome any advice on this.

Tenant and her mother (a guarantor) attended the move out inspection but wouldn't cooperate at all. House been left in a bad state, lots of damages (ie. front door panel broken inside, patio door not opening, carpets cannot be cleaned need replacing (only 2yr old), broken gate, keys missing, rubbish left in front and back, not mentioning needs refilling holes on all walls and repainting...)the list goes forever... total lack of respect and ignorance from tenant.

She wouldn't sign the form when I wanted to go through it with her, nor returned still valid gas safety certificate or manuals, She wouldn't give forwarding address saying "post it to my mums"
I wrote to guarantor before mentioning there could be a damage charges hence invited her on a last day to see for herself. Both dashed off "to work"...

The cost of repairs are 3 x more than the deposit so will probably end up in court but who do I write to if I've not got the new address for tenant, do I send any correspondence to mother/guarantor? She may say she's not received it? Do I issue any charges to tenant or guarantor?

Thanks for any help on this
19/04/2016 13:49

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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