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Last November I brought a house and made the mistake of buying it with a Tenant in situ, I did not issue a new AST just a S48 and all the paperwork re her deposit which I had protected. this tenant would not normally be a tenant of mine as they would not pass my referencing and checks. As she was 8 months pregnant and the council had offered her a house being soft I said they could stay until January. In January she said she had refused the flat offered by the council as it was too small. She has between three and five children. I told her in front of witnesses plenty of times (her house is less than a minute from my office)that I would not be renewing her tenancy in May and her tenancy that is in existence stats it will not roll over to periodic. I did not issue a section 21 as I thought it was clear that her ast ends in May.
We have had problems with her from nearly the beginning as she is very aggressive, she has also made all her neighbours hate her, some have come to complain about some of her behaviours, of which there was very little I could do.
A couple of months ago she notified us late Friday night that her toilet was blocked, my maintenance man went in on the Saturday morning and found the toilet filled to the top with poo,so it had not just been blocked a day or two. He emptied it as far as he could but it was still blocked but managed to work some holes through so with a bucket of water the waste could be moved away. Our plumber was away overnight so He could not come until early Monday morning. The Tenant considered it an emergency (although she had not had a functioning toilet for days) I informed her that it was not and Monday was acceptable. She and her "visiting boyfriend" said they were going to get their own plumber in, I advised her that is not the course to take and she would be responsible for his costs. The plumber came and managed to do 200 worth of damage and did not solve the problem, which I charged on to the tenant. She really got upset about this, I did surrgest at one point to bring me his bill and I would help try and get her money back but this did not mke any difference to the invoice. She could not produce a receipt in any form.
It cost me over 2000 to sort the blockage out as it was in one of the main sewers, we had four manhole covers around her garden due to how they had been laid over 100 years ago. We had to dig up various bits of the garden, we have had to replace all the man hole covers as they were rusted through. Her garden was just a back yard full of her rubbish, and a shed piled to the top with all sorts. To repair the yard we will have to clear the whole area, make it into three levels and re pave it, rebuild all the fences. I did tell her at the time that I would make the yard safe as I could but I could not do any more work to it until it was cleared and as she was leaving by May I would do it then.
She now wants to use this as an excuse for not moving out.
She has also told me that she cannot rent other house as she can not raise the money to move in of about 3000, If it had been a much smaller amount and I could pay it direct to the Landlord or agent I might have been tempted.
Any one out there tell me where to go from here, do I have to serve a section 21 in these circumstances, which they will move out later and how does that effect the AST.
27/04/2016 11:33

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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