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Scottish Power elctric meter on the fiddle.... will they charge me?

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Peter K
Peter K
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tenants growing cannabis.... viewed electric meter and seen meter having wire added to bypass meter.
Went to Police, reported in detail, saying electric and likely gas on fiddle.
Seen ducting in house giving rise to suspicion they are growing cannabis.

2 members of the Police went round and smelt the air and found nothing suspicious and went away.
Did not view meters.
I got this info by ringing the Police helpline that gave me an update on what had gone on.

Stupid me... I paid for 1K for tenants to leave... which they did having signed over house.
Locks changed. House now mine.
Utilities informed and gas supplier NPower are changing gas meter at no charge.
Scottish Power coming out on Monday, 3 days time, regards electric.
ANYONE know what they are likely to do? Will they fix, or replace or just remove?
Will I get the reconnection charge?
Cost is big issue but also I need to redecorate whole house as usual crap as you expect. But cannot do without electric.... no lights, no sanders or vacuum . so a bit worried anyone advise? House in Liverpool.

13/02/2020 16:11

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