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HI, I recently received a letter and invoice from the managing agents of the block of flats stating that I owe them 100 plus vat for them to register my tenants details and must fill out a form with those details. As far as I can see, all they are doing is putting the tenants name and phone number on their data base incase they need emergency access. The agent who deals with the licence to sublet (different company) only charge 70 plus vat and they issued us with a signed paper licence.

I queried the amount with First Port and was told that a First Tier Tribunal had agreed in a recent determination that the 120 was a reasonable fee for a notice alone. So basically, there is nothing we can do to object.

I was curious as to why this went to a First Tier Tribunal and not the Lands Tribunal, as doing some research showed that the Lands Tribunal said 40 was a sufficient fee for this in 2013.

Is there anything I can do to argue this point? As a landlord of a leasehold property you cant help feeling that everyone is out there to rip you off and take a chunk of your rental income for doing nothing.
28/04/2016 16:41

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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