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I have an ongoing issue that have put with a solicitor that's costing a lot of money.

This company (lets call them diamond ring,pun!)sent invoices to one of my tenants instead of me. Claimed they did not have my address,even though they had my address for other property that they look after for me. The tenant never passed on to me and I ended up with a court and ccj and costs that I did not know about. As soon as I found out I contacted them and was just refered to their solicitor who I paid within days or I was going back to court. So worried I paid straight away which its seems was wrong. I did not diput the invoices owed and althouth the cost were high I only asked them to set aside the ccj. So slow to reply to me I got a solicitor and eventually they then agreed to set aside and now it seems not. See wording from my solicitor:

"Despite numerous chasing letters and telephone calls xxxxxxxxx have not consented to the draft appplication that I forwarded to them. I do not now believe they will consent.

In order that this matter does not now become stale (especially in the court's view) we should now apply to the court for the judgment to be set aside. I propose exhibiting the correspondence with xxxxxxxxx to show that they have misled us into believing that they would consent to an agreed order to set aside.

Costs of such an application I believe will be in the region of 500, including court attaendance. Court fees will be 75. It may be that those costs are recovereable from xxxxxxxxx but I think it likely that you will be obliged by the court to be responsible for your own costs of the application, and potentially theirs. I do though think it would be difficult now for them to oppoose the application."

575 + their cost - any one have a low cost solution to this or do go on and I pay more for principles or put up with it?


14/11/2008 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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