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Hi ,

I guess , this problem is nothing new , only solution how to deal the situation , that might be different !

During 6 months routine inspection ( tenant is living there almost past 1 and half year )we found mould in bathroom , extractor fan was switched off , explained to wife , the reason we have fan , but immediately after we went downstairs , she switched it off , I explained out mould problems and health hazard , but she don't care - she use the excuse that she can't understand English ( tried with translation on mobile ) but she only saying yes yes but seems like she won't care , phoned her hubby - he is no different -he understands the language but as soon as I said I will rein spect the property in 2 weeks time and mould should be gone. He said I will call you. I had heard nothing from him yet. My plan is , write him a letter regarding mould , and there are two other issues , door handles is broken and floor is chipped , I am going to write him with the cost to replace handle , floor repaired and give him 2 weeks to clean the mould - if not , we will clean it and charge (you advise me , how much for an hour ?) , the money has to be paid upfront -

rent is mostly paid on time , he is on monthly contract ! Builder's attitude ( who does inspection with me ) that evict this tenant as he don't care about mould , and that will ruin our property , not a lot of mould but they certainly don't open the windows and fan switched off to save electricity !

How would you deal with him if you were me ?

Your advice will be really appreciated ,



01/05/2016 22:22

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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