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Some details of the info I have already received however I have further questions and have been asked to log it through the forum.
The property was inherited from another agent who failed to follow certain criteria
I don't have a signed agreement and not really sure if the agreement I have is correct or been seen by the tenant
The landlord had to pay the deposit as the previous agent disappeared with it and it has now been protected with the DPS
The tenant is in arrears and is claiming housing benefit which is paid direct to me due to her arrears
She is presently ignoring all forms of communication with myself so I am unable to gain entry to inspect the property and the landlord wanted a valuation to enable him to decide if he will sell the property or just evict her and re- advertiseThanks Wayne , however it doesn't state if a court appearance may be necessary as I have said before I am unable to attend court as I work in a college and can't take holidays within term time. Also if there are rent arrears can the landlord obtain these at the same time or will this be further costs..

We don't have a tenancy agreement as the previous agents absconded with the paperwork I have one that you said is not really suitable as not signed by the tenant and we are unable to establish if she has a tenancy agreement so the N5B form cant be used, so could you tell me if she doesn't leave after the section 21 is submitted then do we then get a court order.
Possession Cost Breakdown
Section 21
RLA Court Service 80.00
Court Application
N5B Possession order Court Fee 355.00
RLA N5B court service fee 150.00
Should the tenant still not vacate after getting possession, application for the bailiff will be required.
Court Application

N325 Warrant for possession - Court Fee 110.00
RLA N5B court service fee 80.00

i am sorry for so many questions but it is unclear and I don't want to start the possession and then find I have to make numerous court appearances and because of my job I cant attend and then we have to start it over again. I need to be very clear on what the RLA do and what part I play and if you do support a court appearance and how much would it cost also if I have a designated person who will deal with the case from start to finish.
Thanks Jane
04/05/2016 07:57

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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