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Julie D

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Julie D
Julie D
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Dear RLA,

I have a troublesome tenant in my HMO next door who has been in there since June 2018. I've given him a couple of letters over the period asking him to to do or stop doing certain things which were annoying either myself or the other tenants.
I had renewed the 6 month tenancy until June 15th 2020 but said he could give me just a month's notice from his side if you wished to go earlier. He had walked out of his job last October pretending he was off sick. When I found out he wasn't working I did say that I had only wanted tenants in work when he moved in as I do everyone who moves into the house. He said the rent was not a problem but I said it would be eventually as housing benefit would not cover the amount when his savings ran out and also his excessive drinking was a problem.
This tenant sent me a text the end of January saying he would be leaving the end of February. I asked him to put this in writing and he emailed to confirm this. I advertised and found another tenant to move in on Sunday March 1st.
I am having further trouble with this tenant who is also drinking heavily and I'm afraid he is going to start damaging things in the house because he is quite nasty and threatening.

Where do I stand if he does not move out on Sat February 29th and what do you advise for me to get him out, bearing in mind he does have my original lease until mid June?

Regards Julie D

20/02/2020 08:17

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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