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S21 Tenant Defence

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Eviction Query
Eviction Query
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After I followed up on a S21 with an accelerated claim for possession, I've received a letter from HM Courts saying that they've received a defence from my tenant with a copy of the defence attached, it says we are now referring it to the judge, do I need to respond at this point in any way? The only defence she has detailed is that she is recovering from kidney cancer and can't move due to her poor health, also she is claiming that I knew she was ill when I issued the S21 (which is not true)
All the other boxes she has ticked "Yes" to say all the info was correct on the N5B possession claim.
She has indicated that she would like to remain in the house for up to 42 days.
I'm guessing she would have had to send in evidence with the defence form to back up her health situation, also will the comments claiming that I knew she had cancer before I issued the S21 have any bearing on things? I have no way of disputing this comment at this point in time.

28/02/2020 09:46

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