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I've had an exemplary tenant in my one rental property since May 2009. I trained up with RLA and deposited 925 with the Deposit Protection Service. I'm older generation not IT gifted and I had IT issues at the time. For one week I had a temporary gmail address. On contacting the DPS last year I was told by a young lady with limited general knowledgeof anything except IT issues that despite giving my ID number I could not communicate with them without that e-mail address which I have not seen since 2009. My tenants have divorced and the wife is buying a house nearby so I want to see she gets the deposit back in full, or half if we have to notify the now divorced husband. The stack of paperwork I have relating to disputes is irrelevant since there is not dispute except that from my point of view, this "protection" scheme is an out and out racket. Tenants' money has been taken for 7 years and I presume there will be no interest? As the profits are used to pay the sort of morons who think an e-mail address is an all-time security tag. I have al the papers from the DPS and have servec the tenant "correctly" if it can be described as such. Please advise.
23/05/2016 07:58

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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