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I'm looking for some advice/help if possible.

I purchased my only rental property two years ago and my son in law moved in in late 2014

He works for a home improvement company and I asked him to fit new gutters as the gutters on the property were 80 years old ( house built in 1934 )

He carried out the work but he had issues with the neighbour because his gutters were worse than mine in that they were missing numerous brackets and ran in all directions because of this lack of support.

My son in law knocked on next door to warn him regarding the appalling state of his gutters and informed him that he was cutting our gutters away from his and that would leave his guttering with just one supporting bracket on his last length of guttering before it joined onto our property so he offered to use one of the brackets off our old gutters to fit onto his gutter to properly support it.

Six weeks after our gutters were replaced my neighbour rang me to say we had pulled his gutters downwards to fit into our new gutters. And he wanted me to pay for his gutters to be replaced. I checked google earth pics from 2009 which is before I even owned the property and it was in that downward position then, because he had fitted a plastic downspout and it was insufficient to support his old heavy cast gutters.
I rang him back and told him but the stubborn old sod wouldn't listen.
The work was carried out in February 2015 and his call came in apr 2015.
In late April he had all his old cast gutters replaced with new plastic and had a nice fascia fitted also so I thought that was the end of the matter.

I was therefore shocked to receive a letter sent to the rental property in mid October 2015 from his insurers saying they had replaced my neighbours gutters as they believed I had damaged them and they wanted a change for just shy of 5000 which is the amount they say they outlayed !!!,
I had no contact whatsoever from the insurance company to allege we had damaged his gutters they just went ahead and replaced them on his word and didn't discuss this with me in anyway shape or form.

They are now threatening to take me to court if I don't send them payment for this ridiculous amount and are asking for any proof I have to be disclosed to their solicitors, but the small bits of evidence I have provided them already has led to them changing their story and quite frankly tailoring the facts to suit themselves.
This means I'm very reluctant to disclose any further information I have in my possession.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

25/05/2016 17:32

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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