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My tenant agreed to move out as she fell behind with her rent and had no way of paying. Really she had already moved out weeks ago but all her things were in the property and she had the keys and a valid tenancy agreement.

We agreed that she would empty the property by the 24 of May before she went into a new rent period (she was on a periodic basis with each month ending on the 23).
On the 24 she couldn't do it because the car had broken down (so she said). On the 25 there was a different excuse, same as on the 26 and 27. On the 28 I texted her telling her that I was taking her to court as she had been previously given a S21 and this was perfectly valid.
Later on she text me back telling me not to waste my money as she had moved all her things out. She also texted that she wouldn't give me the keys back until I gave her the deposit, which I will not do since she owes me more in rent than the deposit is worth.
I texted her telling her that if she had moved everything out I would go to inspect the property, which I did on the following day.

She has left some furniture behind. I have changed the locks since she still has the keys. I left a note on the door and texted her telling her that since she had confirmed on her text that she had moved all her things out, I assume whatever she left behind she didn't want it, but if she did, she was to contact me, as I had changed the lock.
Every time I try to communicate with her she is away (supposedly) and she doesn't answer my phone calls so texting has been our only communication tool.

I believe that since we both agreed that she would move out and by texting me that all her things were out, she has surrended the tenancy and therefore I've got a right to change the locks if she refuses to give the keys back.

Have I done the correct thing? Is there anything she can blame me with?

Thank you
29/05/2016 09:51

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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