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Was after some advice with regard to an on going noise issue with a flat I rent out.

To give some history I originally had a tenant in the property for 2 1/2 years and no problems. I then receive a number of letters from the management company about the flooring ie. noise , noise from children and a one off party . I even met the neighbour to mediate.
To be brief I replaced the flooring to carpet through out the flat and eventually the tenant left by mutual consent as he had enough of constant harresment by the neighbour in question. Through out the tenancy he was always helpful, polite and considerate.

After an extensive search for suitable replacement tenants I was very happy to find a couple both professional and in their mid-thirties who again I have found to be helpful, polite and considerate. But again from the neighbour a compliant about a wardrobe rail making noise through a concrete floor . I replaced the entire wardrobe rail with opening doors.

I received a letter from the management company in mid-Nov asking all residents in the block to take care in closing doors as a compliant had been made about noise. I then received a phone call from the estate manager saying that it was from my flat.

I have responed by asking for specific dates, etc and volume/type of noise etc. as I have asked my tenant about the noise but he is unaware of it and also both partners work during the day and the compliant states noise made both day and night.I am reluctant to distress my tenant anymore than neccessary.

I have done some research and have found that shutting doors, children etc are life style noises not noise nuisances.
Therefore should I insist that the neighbours in question approach the council for an enviromental report to clarify the type of noise and soucre etc.

I am concerned as I have to apply to the management company to for a certicate to sub-let every 3 years and am worried they could refuse it.

Many Thanks,

Kevin Lane

05/01/2007 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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