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I wonder if anyone can advise where I stand please.
Iíve had a tenant for two years. Heís never around when I go to the property to clean the communal areas but his adult step son and girlfriend are always there.
The tenant gave notice via email and I responded to accept the notice and confirm the tenancy end date.
We are now 5 days from the end date and the tenant nor the stepson are communicating. I have emailed regarding move out procedure and asking them to arrange a mutually convenient day and time but no reply. I can see that my messages and emails have been read and ignored. There doesnít appear to be any reason for this and Iím totally confused as to whatís going on. I did receive a text from the tenants partner yesterday (she has never lived at the property) saying I am harassing the tenant by sending a text and an email and he is very busy at work. She hinted that the step son might not have anywhere to go to and promised to get the tenant to ring me last night but as suspected, no phone call came.
I put some paper under the door of the flat a week ago and it hasnít moved so Iím unsure if anybody is actually there. It is an upstairs flat so I canít see inside.
If I get no response from my messages to the tenant, can I just go in on the tenancy end date and take possession on the basis itís all been agreed on the email ?
Is there something potentially going on here that Iíve missed ?
Any advice appreciated.

12/03/2020 13:03

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