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Dear All,
I wonder if you could help.
I have a house being let with a standard Depositguard-protected joint RLA AST.
One of the tenants - who occupies a really nice room at the top of the house - has been living in the most squalid conditions imaginable!

Virtually ALL the crockery for the house is left in her room for weeks on end and when it eventually finds its way down to the kitchen again, is covered in mould. One of the other tenants has to clean up (otherwise the piles of stuff would just stay in the kitchen...)
The other tenants have complained not only about this, but many other aspects of anti-social behaviour (breaking dishwasher, front door lock so they were burgled, losing keys and banging on windows and doors in the middle of the night to wake them up to answer the door etc).

In summary, it's a nightmare for them.

Question: Are there sufficient grounds to evict her?

And if so, would I have to serve notice to the whole house (then the other 3 could reapply) or would I be able to serve it just on her?

Many thanks,

06/06/2016 16:34

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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