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Tenant moves to Universal Credit

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Good Morning
My tenant lives in a 4 bed terraced house with her 4 children A B C and D she has been in receipt of a Housing Benefit award of 156.38 per week which is the LHA for that area of Tameside. The bedroom allocation for the claim is as follows
Tenant = 1 bedroom
Child A&B mixed sex under 10years = 1 bedroom
Child C female 10 years = 1 bedroom
Child D female 18 years = 1 bedroom

My tenant has recently got a part time job and had informed me that she is moving onto Universal Credit and she will no longer be able to claim for Child D any longer as she is 18 years old and has just had a baby although child D and her baby are still living at the house and occupying one of the bedrooms.
My tenant's rent was paid up to 8th May 2016 and paid directly by Tameside as she had previous arrears, my tenant has informed me that
a) she will be reduced from a 4 bedroom allowance(156.38pw) to a 3 bedroom allowance(126.58pw) as she can no longer claim for child D as she now claims for herself
b) Her payments have been suspended and she says she will not be paid until 22 June 16 and because of the move to UC shee will automatically loose 2 weeks housing benefit

My questions are:
1) Can I get the HB to pay me the rent directly as she is still in arrears

2) If she is only awarded a HB allowance of 126.58 pw for a 3 bed property can I split the tenancy and rent the 4 bedroom to Child D on a room rate basis for the LHA room rate of 56.58 per week.

As a side issue the tenant tells me that she herself has had no money and has had to feed her family on 48 pw since 8 May either, however, I've seen evidence (her posts on Facebook) that the tenant has been away on holiday with her family ans is in the process of planning another in August. My concern is that all of the money she gets from UC she will spend on herself and I will not be paid any rent

Hope yo can help
Thanks and Kind Regards
10/06/2016 11:01

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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