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I am just about to let my second property. I used a letting agent for the tenant find on my first property and they created the AST, I tried using the agent again this time, but have parted company from them and I'm going it alone. I'm planning to use the RLA AST with DepositGuard this time, I understand that at the end of the fixed-term the AST will automatically go onto a Periodic Statutory Agreement and at that point I don't need to do anything, but if I increase the rent I will need to protect the deposit again and pay to protect it. If I am re-protecting the deposit at that point, is it just as well to create a new/renew the Tenancy Agreement?

Do letting agents insist on renewal of a Tenancy Agreement purely to charge a renewal fee? In that there are no actual benefits to the Tenant or Landlord in renewing the Tenancy Agreement as opposed to going on to a Periodic Statutory Agreement?

I have a copy of a Tenancy Agreement from a letting agent, where on renewal the Tenant signed what the letting agent termed a 'Supplemental Agreement' this states the new fixed period and increase in rent. Is this a legal way of updating the Tenancy agreement? I am assuming that doing this would in any case require re-issue of the Prescribed Information and re-protecting the deposit?

Can a rent increase be written into the original Tenancy Agreement to commence at the end of the Fixed Term?

Advice gratefully received.
13/06/2016 13:56

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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