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Uncooperative tenants on exit of property

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Ian (Bolton)
Ian (Bolton)
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The Tenants did not attend the exit inspection on the final day. They will not provide a forwarding address and the male has even resorted to an aggressive and threatening behaviour in his text message replies.
As you may gather the property was left in a totally unsatisfactory condition and cannot be advertised for re-let until much cleaning is done and items replaced. There is damage to carpets and vinyl floor coverings, they have taken some items and even changed my service meters to card and key pre-payment meters; without my knowledge and authorisation. I ask the following;-
1) Are the Tenants obliged to give a forwarding address
2) Do I need to obtain their signature/s on the exit inspection report before I process it for claims against the deposit, to the DPS?
3) It seems I will incur costs if I want the normal service meters reinstating? Can this cost be claimed against the deposit or do I need to take alternative action?
4) If the deposit does not cover the full cost of the damage of my claim, can I seek recompense through the small claims court for additional amounts? (Assuming I find out where they have moved to?
Thanks for any advice?
27/03/2012 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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