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Hi. I gave section 21 notice to leave to two tenants on 29 February, so ending 30 April. The tenants left yesterday and advise me that they do not intend to return. They have said that the local authority / government has given them a 24 hour window to move with the current coronavirus restrictions so they had to move yesterday. Sounds suspect to me; they receive debt letters regularly so that's the real reason to go I think.

Anyway, a two part question if I may.

If they refuse to provide a forwarding address,- not provided yet,- can I have a small claims court process addressed to them at their address here, given that the tenancy is still technically in force until 30 April? If not can I have the proceedings addressed care of their employers?

The tenants are likely to ask me, by text, to give any post which arrives at my address for them as it frequently does (tenanted unit is part of my four walls) to someone who they have presented to me as a relative. I propose to refuse to do this as I should not give Royal Mail post intended for someone, to someone I don't know. Do you agree?


26/03/2020 11:54

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