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Leaving an LA at the end of an AST

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We've decided to self-manage our one let at the end of the current 2 year AST and LA agreement. There is a lot of excellent advice in this forum which has answered almost all my questions...

I am waiting on a reply from the LA but it's the timing that is worrying me. Both the management agreement and tenancy agreement end at the same time and as yet I do not know if the tenants wish to stay. The LA was about to ask them. This ends more than 2 months from now btw.

Assuming the LA stops managing the property at the end of the agreement is it 'simply' a matter of me and the tenants signing a new AST? From what I've read here it is but I want to check due to the two things happening together. I am assuming, perhaps wrongly, that as the agreement with the LA was for 2 years, and they ask for 2 months notice, that at the end they would not have any further interest unless I renew the agreement.

I understand about the deposit, it is currently lodged in a relevant scheme by the LA.

My reason is not really financial although at 13% now it is a consideration. The issue I have had is things being missed in the inspections and that has been partly my own making for not insisting that we go along on them; and also we've no contact with the tenants and I think if we had there would be less issues. I already arrange the gas cert myself, I can arrange an emergency key holder and I have access to handy people for repairs and such.

So I am rather struggling to find reason to continue with the LA - or have I just gone mad?

12/07/2016 23:55

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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