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I bought a flat on 31 March. A Property Mgmt company arranged a tenant from the end of April. This tenant moved in having paid a deposit. I signed the Tenancy Agreement which had not yet been signed by the tenant and now Freehold Managers say that the Agreement is incorrectly signed and want it resigned as they say I did not sign it.....Meanwhile, the tenant paid his first months rent and has not paid anything since. He told my Prop Mgmt co that he had moved out as he could not afford the electricity/rent due to having lost his job. He is an electrician. I have had feedback from the prop mgmt team only when I have chased them on it. The tenant was contacted nearly 2 weeks ago and it appears he was in Tenerife. He came back a week ago and is supposed to have been requested to turn over keys and parking fob. I have heard nothing. I have had only about 50% of my emails replied to and there is a tenant supposed to be moving into the flat on the 30th. I have already lost one tenant who wanted to move in on the 4th but no keys. There are still possessions in the flat I understand. I have put forward a rental arrears claim to my insurance company and sent the documentation from them to my property management people and these documents have not been completed and returned. I have sent emails and rung as there is a time limit which is fast approaching and no reply from the property management people. I notified the insurance company of this issue and they just said get in contact and let the prop mgmt team know the importance of all this. I am not a person with lots of properties - I am an OAP relying on the income as pensions are so awful. What should I do before it is too late to claim and what do I do regarding the rest of the issues???
14/07/2016 16:52

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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