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Hello colleagues
Age old problem of requested cooperation for 'showings' from long-stay WP tenants not forthcoming. Instead there's barely a passive acceptance, almost a 'working to rule' over the requested appointments to view/show.
Not exactly surly non- cooperation, yet very close to that. Have to go 2 hours before the appointed viewing slot to tidy a large house, empty smelly kitchen refuse bins, remove piles of laundry from furniture, cat-lick the showers, fridge, loo's,hoover, etc.

At best it's a Gallic shrug 'so what' approach..not my problem. At worst it's sabotage.. perhaps so there's even more space for the 3 long -term, very cosy renters in a very spacious 4 bedded HMO.

Things came to a head this weekend when irritable tnts demanded that only weekday 9-4pm showings be conducted & none at all at weekends. Their agenda now is very clear. They are annoyed at the pattern of showings conducted on Saturdays, so far 4 of them in 6 months. Their working week is Mon-Sat & some Sundays. For 3 out of the 4 viewings no tenants have been around as they've been at work, or said they were.

Dark mutterings about 'landlord harassment' about the viewings are now being mooted & I'm pulling together a file of time-line evidence.
The irritation began when they discovered a new tenant would mean a new AST because the current one is a roll-over & very out-dated. Oh, yes & the inclusive rent is increasing slightly in 3 months time to cover increases in household bills.

I know this is a universal problem & wondered what strategies have been tried to cut across such peevishness from tenants. The relationships have always been very cordial up to this point. Tenants have recently had £7k's worth of refurbs done to upgrade bathrooms, loos, landscape gardens & lay footpaths. I explained all that was to improve their long- term home & maintain high standards of ease & comfort. Tnts views were sought on the sort of upgrades they'd like & the timescales involved for each job. They are now behaving like 3 spoilt children & the old adage of 'give 'em an inch & they take a mile' comes to mind.

Comments, commiserations welcome.

18/07/2016 00:34

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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