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Good tenant turned bad moved out,I was relieved.

HOWEVER in 1st empty week had 4 viewings,1 from spare room,1 from easyroom,2 from open rent.
Only accepted viewings from those who came back to me with information about themselves,

The accommodation is a studio room(bedsit) in peaceful area,zone 2/3 near 2 London tubes,recently refurbished,blackout blinds,laminate,new electrics,own kitchen area,but small 13sqm overlooking garden on 1st floor and only suitable for ONE,sharing brand new shower and toilet with one young professional,
Price is average,bills are low,ie electricity and council tax,monthly approx £45.
We pay water rates,the rest of council tax and communal area electricity.No fees for this room.

1st viewer said,it is too small for me,I will see other rooms all week but will come back if I don't find bigger as I like the room and house,
2nd said,I have taken 3 days off work to see 209 rooms,this is 60th.Cant remember which is which,
3rd said yes I like it,friend with him who looked dodgy said the bills are going to be big as the window is not double glazed.I explained we were not allowed to change it as area was conservation,but that we had insulation above and below,friend then checked water pressure,said its good,
4th said,yes I like it,seeing one more,seen 5,will get back to you in 2 days.

I heard back from NO ONE

Thinking how to make it more appealing eg put 4ft double bed in instead of single,but room will look smaller,replace red dining table with white one.
Or are there just fewer people chasing after loads and loads of empty rooms?
Any comments welcomed

19/07/2016 07:57

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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