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'Frustrated Contract'

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Is anyone able to offer some advice or suggestions on how to reply to a tenant's (student) mother who is saying that due to Covid 19 her son has had to leave his student accommodation to return home as the University is closed. She is saying that the Student agreement AST has been Frustrated. She goes on to give the definition as 'Frustration is an English contract law doctrine that acts as a device to set aside contracts where an unforeseen event either renders contractual obligations impossible, or radically changes the party's principal purpose for entering into the contract'
Therefore they would like to be released from the contract from immediately. The tenancy is due to finish on 30th June 2020. There have been no issues with this tenant and he has had no issues with his tenancy.
Has anyone else come across this? if so how did you respond? Thanks in advance for your help.

21/04/2020 11:18

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