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Hello all.Can anyone help/comment. My son is 'going it alone' & taking over from his LA. No probs encountered with that, all amicable. New contract issued to 3 tenants who came together to discuss new arrangements they'd been previously notified of same. One tenant asked 'why the changeover of management' & all was explained.
On pre-arranged evening [ 29/7] of signing the new contract, tenant in question was v brusque, popping in & out of the lounge a few times, claiming he was awaiting a vital phone-call. Pizza,beer & bonhomie then took over as tnts future requests for the house were invited & explored. AST again discussed & signed....then no sign of brusque tenant who had been called back to the lounge to sign. Of him & his car there was no sign. Tnts didn't bother saying 'he'd be back', asking that the AST [ & copy]& pen be left on the table for their housemate to sign on his return. The tnt didn't show & has avoided all ref's to not signing in texts & in emails.

It was a rent day, all rents were paid & said tenant has continued with his finicky email requests for immediate attention to minor items in the house. The tone of emails has stiffened & obviously he is making some sort of 'stand' against the change. No one likes changes. He is a fuss- pot & has been a source of minor irritation to the LA's for two long years. The main reason for the change-over actually.

The two tenants are getting anxious about the implications as is my son who was not expecting this outcome. He has asked the said tenant directly to sign the AST & date accordingly. The tenant replied avoiding the question entirely but asking for minor repairs & advising he's out of the country for two weeks from tomorrow & expects the minor 'touch-ups' to be done before he returns.

I've advised that as he's paying rent he has a contract of sorts & he did sign the previous AST. This hasn't allayed the un-rest that his action has & will caused.

I feel this is a taste of something to come & the other tenants are dismayed at this tnts diffident attitude. My son as a newbie is trying to wade through this set of unintended consequences. The tnt is question is deffo piqued at the change-over & that his influence as Lead Tenant will be lessened in some way. He has distanced himself from the house-mates, the new AST [with a £7 pcm rent increase] & chosen not to explain his actions....his actions speak for him.

All advice, comments welcome folks...

03/08/2016 10:53

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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