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where do I start?
some background... my tenants contract started on 1st of may, they actually took over from my previous tenant who were their friends. Consequently, we had an informal approach from both sides which resulted in them giving me the run around re signing their AST agreement which was originally meant to be 6 months till nov.
After 8 weeks of me nattering them they announced they were leaving at end of july to move into a smaller property. Whilst not impressed, I agreed to them having a new agreement to end on 31st july.
During this time of uncertainty and no signed contract I held their deposit in the account they paid into but didn't protect it.Once we had agreed the july end date, I then protected the deposit but this wasn't within the 30 days of them moving in.
I thought that despite there only being a few weeks left I should still do it.

I am now worried that I have opened a can of worms further more, they didn't leave as a 2 week delay in new property being ready. they are due to move out this weekend hopefully without contesting the deposit once I return it. Any advice is appreciated.

09/08/2016 18:40

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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