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My tenant has just rung to say her child has flooded the middle floor bathroom and this has set off all the fire alarms in the house. Description of damage: flooding to middle floor bathroom, carpet on adjacent landing, leakage of water through floor into ground floor ceiling, water damage to carpet on ground floor.
I'm currently on holiday in Anglesey, but already had a home emergency landlord policy in place that the tenant is currently calling.
1- Fire alarms still going off. I'm assuming the water has shorted them and caused them to alarm. Who would I call to get them checked, turned off and what would I do about fire alarms in the meantime?
2- Am I correct in assuming all damages need to be rectified by the tenant in view of the fact they have admitted liability? If so, how do I go about ensuring they rectify damages? Would you instruct someone to inspect the property to list damages and ensure all work carried out properly?
3- Is the property going to be safe from an electrical point of view if the alarms are going off? Should I be advising them anything in particular.
4- I'm reluctant to enact my landlord buildings cover that has alternative accommodation included in it as I will have to pay an excess and it will impact on future quotes. Should I be providing them with alternative accommodation if they have caused the damage.
5- Would you advise cutting holiday short to deal with the issue? Or is there any person I could use to act as an intermediary for this situation like asking the letting agent who arranged the tenancy to help deal with the issue? Could I charge this to the tenants? I'm due to be home on Saturday morning. Not very practical myself so would have to hire tradespeople to deal with any issues and wouldnt be competent to inspect damage or deal with it. If this was my fault I would do so, but I am mindful that this is my tenants fault.
I'm grateful for any advice offered.

10/08/2016 17:35

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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