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I basically won enough money from a competition to buy a small 2 bed 2 bathroom house about 3 years ago. my mother and I transfered it into her name and it was eventually transferred back to me July 2019.

Im an accidental Landlord I intended to live in this property with my partner but this didnt happen due to relationship issues. So I was suggested by my mother that I should rent it out to my brother for 200 Pound. I thought this was too cheap at the time but the way she did it made me feel like I had to at that point Im kind and can get taken advantaged of sometimes but I am happy to help family so I thought it was okay as long as they pay council tax and utility bills too.

my brother has been living there for around 3 years and no proper tenancy agreement was made. my brother did get me to sign something which i have no copy of and no idea what it was but it was small and didnt really have anything on it but during that time i wasnt even the landlord of the property. It was still in my mothers name

Finally getting the house back in my name 9 months ago Im trying to actually learn how to be a landlord properly I have carried out my gas saftey checks and trying to learn.

My problem is that he is living in my house with no proper tenancy agreement I have moved out of my mothers house since and I'm now paying my own rent and my rent is alot more expensive than what they are paying me. because of the poor job at handling the situation expecially at the beginning I'm looking for advice on what I can do to raise their rent to a fair level. at least to cover my rent as I live in a 1 bed flat atm.

I was thinking of sending them a new Shorthold Tenency agreement in the post and putting the rent as 400 and seeing if they can sign it. and even a rent change form. but since the tenancy seems to not have a proper agreement Im hesitant.

I don't want to be unfair to them I just want to make the decision that Is best.

I do not know what the best way to aproach this situation is because I don't know if he can refuse to sign and can end up even squatting or anything at this point so I thought I would ask the nice and kind (hopefully) people of this site.

If somebody can advise me on this topic I would be very thankful, I do wish to learn to be better.

02/05/2020 14:13

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