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I have recently started a new tenancy with a decent tenant who wants to stay long term. The previous tenant had a problem with the next door neighbour but as he didn't stay long and was out most of the day it didn't cause him too much trouble. However, our new tenant is working from home at the moment and is finding the noise and upset from next door intolerable. She has sent me recordings of arguments and shouting heard through the walls and says this goes on during the night regularly. She spoke to the neighbour and explained how her actions were affecting her mental health and said she promised to bear this in mind but when drink and maybe drugs are involved nothing improves. I suggested she contact Noise nuisance at the council which she has and they told her to keep a diary. I also suggested she contact the police every time it happens so build up a case against the neighbour which she has. I found the landlord on facebook but he hasn't responded to any of my pleas for a meeting so we can resolve the problem. I think it's out of sight out of mind for him. I don't have an address for him but realistically is there anything I can do to help this. (I know the landlord has contacted the tenant as she has told my tenant in a shouting match). In conclusion I have tried everything and the tenant has too - any advice?

05/05/2020 11:46

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