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Break-in damage to door

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A tenant in my flat reported a bugler had damaged a door to a store room with a sledgehammer and stolen 2 expensive bikes. As this robbery is supposed to have taken place around 5am and the door was beneath the bedrooms of two flats (one of which was the tenants) and neighbours on both sides, I find it very hard to believe a bugler would have risked so much noise when the lock could have been forced much easier. The police didn't arrive until mid -morning! I haven't been given a copy of a police report. When my contractor went to replace a new door, I asked him to check that no further damage had been done to the flat. He checked another door at the top of a short flight of stairs and which opened into the kitchen. A bicycle was parked in the kitchen!. Previously, on 2 occasions I had passed the the house at about 11pm and an old bycycle was left near the front door apparently overnight - an invitation for a theif? The workman who also carries out work for me also had seen it very early in the morning. I feel sure the tenant has carried out an insurance scam. When she first told me bikes had been stolen, she said one was hers and the other her young daughters but then must have later realised the daughter.s bike showed in the photo of the damaged door she sent to me. She is now claiming £2000 for 1 bike and £500 for the other. While my insurance will pay for the new door, I have to pay the excess and my premiums may be increased and I feel extremely angry about what I thing is an insurance scam. What should I do?

21/08/2016 15:48

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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