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hi all just an update to old post after getting a possession order from the court dated 18/09/2016 my tennant refused to leave so i put in the bailiffs paperwork and paid the fee.

She moved out of the property on the 22/08/2016 today my tennant asked to meet and return the keys i took a witness with me as the tennant has addiction problems and i felt that i needed to record the events.

All went well and she returned the keys with out any fuss i asked her to sign an end of tennancy letter and she refused.

She also informed me in writting that other people may have copies of the keys.

i contacted the police but as you can imagine they quoted its a civil matter but indicated that they wouldnt be over fussed if i changed the locks they did not advise this and left it as my sole decission.

so i have changed the locks as my understanding is that as she has returned the keys moved out and removed most of her property that the tennancy has now ended.

i have informed her that the locks are changed and she can have her remaining property at a time to suit us both.

am i correct in the above


29/08/2016 20:35

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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