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Damage from Next Doors leaking water

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I have a house, which has a detached outhouse in the garden. The next door neighbours outhouse connects to mine. The next door neighbour had a leakign toilet overflow pipe, and thay had not cleared the weeds from the roof of their outhouse. The weeds roots pushed under the felt on my outhouse roof, and the water slowly got in between the concrete roof and the felt. Causing a leak down one wall, damaging all the paint work and causing one wall to have green mould on it. The next door neighbours house is a rental property, and I've been in touch with the managing agents the property is empty at the moment as is mine). Despite politely asking them for costs towards repair (I have three estimates for £1000, £2000 and £2400. The have not returned any of my emails or offered any payment towards costs. My builder believes it's not worth chasing the money as they don't have to pay. I don't what to get legal involved as that'll add to the costs. Realistically am I entitled to compensation from next door, and am i likely to get it without running up a large legal bill?

09/09/2016 15:25

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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