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Kam Naqvi
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Dear All,

I have a query regarding HMO licencing. I have a 5 bedroom two story terraced house in Portsmouth which is fully licenced HMO. The house currently has following hygiene facilities covered under the licence.

  1. Main Bathroom – 1 Bath with Shower, 1 WC and 1 WHB
  2. Cloakroom toilet adjacent to the Main bathroom – 1 WHB and 1 WC

Both of these facilities are on 1st floor.

I rent this house to 5 students every year under a single AST.

I am now looking into converting the basement into a 6th bedroom and apply to upgrade my HMO licence from 5 to 6 people.

Looking at the local council’s website where they describe the hygiene facility HMO requirements for 6 -10 people as:

“2 bathrooms AND 2 separate WCs with WHBs but one of the WCs can be contained within one of the bathrooms.”

I am a bit confused with the statement in the brackets and need some guidance on that. If I build a facility in the basement with 1 shower cubical and 1 WHB, would it fulfill the hygiene facility requirement? If not what else need to be installed as minimum to fulfill the requirement?

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

12/09/2016 21:46

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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